Sunday, February 5, 2023


Technology has grown up rapidly in recent times, and just like every other industry, even the education sector hasn’t remained untouched by its advancements. From here the debate can gadgets replace teacher? arises but what I believe is that the answer to the above statement is a Big No from me. Technology cannot replace the teacher. technology is merely an addition to the teacher. It can help the proess of learning, but it certainly cannot replace the role of the teacher.

Technology can make it easy to get educated by sitting in our favourite place but that education is also provided by a teacher. teachers are necessary even in the online classes to give lectures to the students in videos, zoom, google meet, skype, etc. It is important to remember that a teacher is more than just a facilitator of knowledge. A teacher also serves as a guide, mentor and an inspiration to students. This role cannot be replaced by any kind of technology. Teachers said to be the creators when it comes for students life.

Technology cannot teach skills like time management, decision making, and other skills but a human teacher can teach them to the students. It is obvious that the technology is assisting students in their learning and it is playing crucial role in education. But as of now it does not have the ability to replace the teachers because human interaction cannot be replaced by computers and human skills cannot be taught by technology.

In today’s world the old school method of books and notes will not work. Teachers have to be updated with today’s trends and develop them with the recent technologies. Teachers have to implement technology and its innovations in their classroom without losing their control over the students. We have so many apps and videos make the process uncomplicated. The education in future is distinctly going to be tech enhanced learning. New educational technologies will not only energise the students but teachers as well. This clearly states that even in a technology enhanced learning the role of teacher will remain ever important. Yes it will become less conventional but it will still be great.

Technology assists, but teacher who is the glue to hold it all together. Technology is altering the way children learn, it cannot be considered as the replacement for the teachers. A teacher can create a classroom environment that encourages the students to succeed. Technology cannot inspire, motivate, assist them in overcoming the struggles and their challenges. Technology is a helping factor to learn things but it cannot replace the knowledge and experience of that come with the teacher. Various institutions around the world started working with the technology but it will be teachers and technology as long as the balance is maintained we can expect a system that not only foster the learning but also offers opportunities to create expressions and freedom.

Teachers need to embrace the technology. But the technology is lacks in emotion. Teachers are very important to cater the students lives not only in education but also in personal lives. Technology cannot do that. Teachers can make the class funny, serious and sympathetic but technological devices cannot do. Teaching is not the only thing that teachers do in the classroom. In the process of teaching a teacher has to do plenty things such as giving support to the students, observing the students behaviour, helping them to find their target and so on. The technological devices cannot perform this.

If the question is “Can Gadget Replace Teacher?” then I would firmly say “No”


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