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Indian movies every student must watch!

Indian movies every student must watch!

People often say that movies are a reflection of the society?! Are they really? Do they really teach you some lesson? Every movie has some story and some or the other way when we watch movie we are really engrossed into the movie. In some or the other way movie play a great role in student’s life as there is a huge impact of the movie afterwards.

That is why it is important to watch movies that have a good significance in our life and motivate us encourage us to move forward and get success.


This fantastic portrayal of cinema taught us to invariably follow dreams overlooking and overriding the glitches of the education system. Chase your dreams, work hard and run through the system and achieve them is a fantastic learning from the movie.

Value of Friendship

Do What You Love the Most Chase Excellence and Success will follow you Believe in yourself

 English Vinglish

It belongs to the category of movies that inspire an average Indian on daily basis. The little ventures read challenges that a lady faces and challenges them back outshining the barrier of merely a language.

It’s admirable how this selfless wife and mother finally makes a decision to do something for herself (learn English) after being put down repeatedly by her husband and teenage daughter for not being able to speak English. She capitalizes on an opportunity that comes her way, by believing in herself and secretly working very hard. She finally surprises everyone with a Speech (about marriage and relationships) in perfect English and thus earns for herself the much deserved respect of all she knows; something that she had always yearned for.  In today’s highly competitive world, genuine appreciation/ encouragement and pats on the back never come easy and so in order to be truly happy, we need to learn how to be our own best friend first. It is when we love and respect ourselves that we can get ahead in life. And the way we treat ourselves often sets the standard for others to treat us.

Taare Zameen Paar

Taare Zameen par was a heart touching movie.This movie teaches a lesson to the guardians, peers as well as teachers how to behave their child or student, behaving abnormal or very different from the behavior of common children.This film should be an eyeopener to parents of dyslexic children. It is important to facilitate the development of their unique artistic and other abilities to its full capacity rather than to overemphasize on the correction of the disturbed coded symbol operations. We should support and behave with them with love,we should not label them this demoralizes them.

The journey of a little Ishan Nandkishore Awasthi from being cute to being outstanding in academics, definitely invigorated the quality of strong dedication in us. One must belong to a very powerful school of thought if they want to achieve whatever they’ve thought and that by a streamlined process. Think – Plan and Act!

 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

An indian biographical sports drama based on the life of athlete Milkha singh, a national champion runner, famous as “The Flying Sikh”. Declared a superhit domestically and overseas, this movie motivates the core to never give up and keep trying until success is achieved.

Every child should be shown this movie to learn life lessons from Milkha. His achievements in athletics epitomise important values like harnessing ambition, setting goals, having focus, discipline and determination, and not retreating from hard work.

Milkha’s sense of perseverance in the face of adversity, his humility, grace and appreciation when victorious for all the people on whose shoulders he stood, are especially touching.

The role of his two coaches, who encouraged and spurred him on, is inspiring for all teachers who strive to motivate and nurture their students.


The surgical strike on September 29, 2016, was a masterstroke by the Indian Army and Government to teach the world a lesson: “Don’t mistake our patience for incompetence.” Aditya Dhar’s film URI- The Surgical Strike is another masterstroke that has been reviving memories since January 11, 2019.

  1. Learn from your mistakes and triumph over them
  2. Be Flexible with Hi-Pots
  3. Emotions are just as essential as expertise
  4. Goal clarification is just as vital as role clarification
  5. Never leave an issue half-solved


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