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QR Coded Card for school Students: An Initiatives in School of West Bengal

Covid – 19 pandemic, in the year 2020 has disrupted the normal lifestyle of people across the world and has broken down the economy of the entire globe along with its socio-cultural infrastructure. So, our Govt forced to declare lockdown in March 2020, to prevent the virus spread. This sudden outbreak of lockdown process stopped the livelihood of common people not only this but it also strongly hammered on our education sector. This lockdown for the pandemic crisis period challenged the education system and all the physical classrooms were shut – down to avoid viral contact. All types of face-to-face lectures were completely suspended for an uncertain period. In these circumstances, the virtual world came in the frontline to rescue the whole – shuttled education system. There was no option for academic institutions and forced to shift on online made.

In our country, Central Govt. as well as West Bengal Govt. were trying their best to implement this online mode. While this transition has been smooth for most of the private institutions, but the public ones are still adapting. Several arguments are associated with this e-learning or digital system, like Accessing quality, affordability, flexibility, policy-making, etc. though it is considered to be a relatively chirper mode of education in terms of the lower cost of transportation.

Overall, this crisis period challenged the education system in our country. But we, some educationists accept this challenge as an Option.

We realized that scenario planning is an urgent need to rescue the academic institutions. This situation demands humanity and unity. We tried to re-frame the e-learning process to protect and save our students, our facility, academic staff, our society, and as a whole our nation.

Various modes of on-line teaching process are adapted across the world, like what’s app group, Audio-Video recording, SMS link, blended learning, flipped classrooms, digital classrooms, etc. We adopted an advanced technology for e-learning that is QR coded Innovative smart card system.

Though this QR code was previously applied by NCERT on their textbooks, in our West Bengal we used their internets. They would not walk for learning but they will get the facility at their home. That means education will no longer be a teacher – student-centric, this card will help in a broader sense education for all to build an educated nation.

That’s why I introduced new digital technology in the teaching-learning process that is QR Code.

The QR Code system is already used by NCERT. They coded all books of every class by this system. But I introduced it the first time in our state in a different technical manner. That is I introduced a Smart Card that will provide students the class-work teaching, video clips of any lesson taught by teachers, information about any games and sport, music and cultural activities, various types of co-curricular activities, along with textbook lesson with the right access of learning process and online platform became an interesting one to them. I realized that this card helps to remove all the barriers of the online learning system as mentioned above. So, I wish to share this process with you all for the betterment of online teaching, I think it is an innovative method of the teaching-learning process.

We inserted QR Code in all the textbooks of class VI to class XII to better understand the lesson we inserted QR code audio and video recording of a chapter-wise in the entire textbook. That means they have provided audio-visual teaching aids, not only this, they can use them any time in 24 hours of the day. Moreover, through this audio-video recording, they can learn the correct pronunciation of the word also. 

Dr. Hariswami Das

We inserted QR Code in different Co-curricular activities like yoga, different types of games to facilitate them in this field and visualize the program to learn better

To motivate our students in various aspects we introduced this code in the biography of great men of our country like, Novelists, Scientists, Artists, and a great leader of national movements. After clicking the innovative card they can learn to see all the views of our legends.

We also used this code in the different medicinal plants, through which they can know the values of these plants and can use these.

Our students are passing in a monotonous life in their homes during this pandemic period. Keeping this point in mind we collected some falk song-dance, recitation, etc. in a local language called “Khotta” and made audio and video recordings of these things. Ultimately we inserted QR codes in these recordings as they can pass better their leisure period.

This Khotta music will help them to relieve from pandemic tension and thus they will remain healthy physically and mentally. 

Along with all these above-mentioned points, we also introduced the “Braille system QR code” for visually impaired students. We used an audio recording of different tasks of teaching, music, games, recitations, etc, and inserted a QR code. Our CWSN students can easily understand these recordings; by these they can learn something from this online technology at any time and any-where. 

To attracting attention- arousing interest, to overcome mental stress, to supports their learning, to Integration of science with life, fun, yoga, meditation, to know their experience, engagement and satisfaction, assignments and assessment and direct access to targeted information and many more a survey have been undertaken. 

About the overall experience, students reported that 95% of the study group was strongly satisfied while none were dissatisfied with the use of the QR-coded learning system.

Some limitations of the study are also noted, that is a poor Internet connection in villages as well as non availability of tablets or smart phones for every student. 

Lastly, the rules of social distancing can be followed by this process; this is a time-saving learning process, the potential of learners will increase rapidly as they can choose their denied topics. Again through this innovative card, everybody can visit the digital world, it is an important step for a future generation of the 21st century.

This transition of shifting to the online mode from the physical one suddenly changed the whole learning process; we were not ready for that. So, here are some limitations in our process. We cannot insert all the science regarding a topic to enhance the scientific temperament of its first time in an advanced mode, which makes our assignments innovative. Inspire by all these limitations we have the Moto to work wholeheartedly for digital learning to make an educated society as well as an educated nation for India.


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