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Remark Skill Education: Learn-Practice-Certify and Innovate

Remark Skill Education started its journey in the year 2020, the year which itself was challenging at so many levels. The founders of the company are the two youngsters, Hitesh and Madhu Das who dared to dream and took up the challenge of introducing Remark Skill to the world, providing a common platform to the young creators where they can opt what to learn, at their own pace for a very reasonable cost. Young people, and not only them, who set up a new business are seen as role models from their peers. Although most successful entrepreneurs can be young adults or older, there is always the chance for young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into successful businesses. If this happens in a vulnerable or disadvantaged community, the impact can be huge compared to help the economic and social development in those communities. The social impact is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurship is attractive to young people. Many success stories have established a link between youth and success, especially concerning entrepreneurship. They can be more innovative and disruptive, they have more time, energy and dynamism, they are ready to take risks while not having a lot to risk, and they tend to have fewer family or financial responsibilities.

Remark Skill Education is a Delivery Partner of E Train India that collaborates with Microsoft, HPE, Adobe, Autodesk and many more. We are also an official Testing Partner of Certiport for International certifications and badges.

While teams or individuals might collaborate on a one-time basis to achieve a short-term goal, collaboration as a company-wide practice involves creating connections over time. Sharing different perspectives and skill sets long term is what fosters a collaborative environment. The modern workplace is a bit of a paradox. It’s more dispersed, yet it’s also more connected than ever before.

More people are choosing to work remotely. At the same time, employees have access to tools that let them connect with colleagues regardless of time and location.

But connection doesn’t necessarily lead to collaboration. Creating a collaborative work environment requires planning, but the business benefits are well worth the effort. Recently, Remark Skill has also collaborated with E Cell IIT Hyderabad for their Online Training sessions.

Remark Skill has been offering in- demand skill development trainings under:

 Microsoft Technology Associate Certifications with courses like: Ethical Hacking, Java Programming, React JS, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Python Programming, Web Development.

Adobe Certified Associate courses like: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After effects.

Autodesk Certified Courses like: Autocad, Revit architecture, 3Ds Max App Development with Swift Certifications etc. Remark Skill has been awarded in March this year for the category “Emerging Startup of the Year”. A special recognition and commendations are conveyed for our dedication and endless contribution in the education ecosystem. We have organized and conducted more than 48 Microsoft Certified One-Month courses and 12 Azure Certified courses till date. We have interacted with more than 23000 students who have applied for these courses at our platform, where 22640 students have successfully cleared the exams and got Microsoft certified.


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