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IIT Delhi To Organise SciTech Spins 4th Lecture On December 18

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi will organise SciTech spins fourth lecture for school students on December 18. The online session will be streamed live on IIT Delhi’s official YouTube channel. SciTech spins fourth lecture will be titled “Unraveling Nature: From the Galaxies to the Quantum Realm” and will explain about the Universe and its history to the students.

Through SciTech spins IIT Delhi aims at reaching school students especially from the Classes 9th to 12th. The fourth lecture will be covered by IIT Delhi scientists Professor Suprit Singh, Professor Abhishek Muralidhar Iyer and Professor Tarun Sharma from the Department of Physics.

Questions like “Can electrons walk through walls? What do atoms look like? Why does matter have a mass? How can sky be used as a laboratory?” will be taken up by the speakers during the lecture.

The lecture will be divided into two parts, in the first part titled “A Brief History of the Universe: From the Big Bang to the Present”, Professor Suprit Singh will take the students on a tour of the universe from its beginnings. While the second part, delivered by Professors Iyer and Sharma, will dive into the world of elementary particles.

Giving a glimpse of their lecture, the team said, “One of the fundamental challenges of the human race is to understand nature in all its manifestations. This includes objects as large as galaxies and stars to the fundamental particles like the electrons. Over the past several centuries, our understanding has undergone a process of steady evolution. This talk will attempt to retrace the important steps in this progression and eventually lead to our understanding today.”

IIT Delhi will be giving e-certificates to the registered students nominated by their respective schools who attend the lecture. They will also be invited to ‘Open House’, an annual intellectual fest organised by IIT Delhi, which provides an ideal platform to school students to connect with some of the leading researchers in the field of Science and Technology.


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