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Let’s celebrate Eco- Friendly Diwali

Diwali means festival of lights, the awareness of inner lights which has the power to outshine the darkness all around. This is a festival of joy and happiness which blossom every one face. The traditional Indian festival has its own significance, where people bring in joy and light by lighting diyas and lighting firecrackers. But, not everyone thinks about the pollution caused by the                                                                    same! The very important question we forget is how far we are able to understand or appreciate the concept of Diwali, the real spirit of fiesta of light. The festival steadily but definitely is becoming one of the major problem for the environment due to the carelessness of the people all around.

Usually on this day, people decorate their home with diyas, rangolis and decorative lights, wear new clothes, exchange sweets and gifts with each other and in the evening perform, Lakshmi Pujan, but now things have been confined to burning crackers, fireworks which is creating a huge air pollution in the environment. Burning firecrackers causes serious health hazards because of the air pollution caused by the smoke of firecrackers. Pollution is one of the biggest issue of the present-day world and has many bad effects on the environment as well as on us. So, all we can do is increase self-awareness and try to find eco-friendlier ways to celebrate our festivals.

 Its high time now we seriously need to look this into consideration and take serious majors else soon a lot of people have to suffer breathing, lungs disorder which can lead to serious health issues. This year, the diwali got some extra sweet with the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court, an initiative to keep the city’s ever increasing pollution problem in control.

 Let’s take few steps to make this Diwali an Eco Friendly Diwali

1. Reduce plastic use:

During the Deepawali celebration, one thing that gets everyone excited about is Diwali shopping! However, shopping means a lot of plastic bags. Let’s say ‘No’ to plastic shopping bags and use cloth bags when going out for shopping.

2. Use organic Rangoli colors:

Rangolis are a huge part of Diwali celebrations. Pretty and colourful designs make our houses look beautiful, but synthetic colours are dangerous for the environment and unhealthy when inhaled and cause serious health issues.

Lest opt for rangolis that can be made using flowers, or use eco-friendly colours that do not cause harm to our surroundings. Organic rangoli colours are available in the markets easily.

3. Locally made, earthenware Diyas:

Eschew the cheap plastic lights for home decoration and go for the artisan handmade earthen ware and diyas for the decoration. This will not only help the environment but will also help the poor artisan families.

4. Shun burning the fire crackers:

As we all get mesmerized and entertained by the lights of the crackers. But the saddest fact is that we don’t pay any attention towards the bad effect of the loud noise and pollution on the environment. Due to bursting of crackers huge quantity of toxic gases release in the atmosphere, which is one of the major health concerns for everyone in the world. Birds and animals suffer the most due to the high level of noise generated.
Majority of teenage children are involved in the making of firecrackers. We roughly look over the fact that these young children are exposed to these toxic substances, which put their life and health in great danger.

5. Electricity Consumption

The energy used in normal electronic lights is wasted a lot instead of this use the traditional way to celebrate the festival and light days and candles which are the better replacement of it. Decorate our houses with flowers, LED lamps, LED lights and rangolis.


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