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How To Fail Successfully – Umesh Sharma, Founder – Genius Gems

Some years ago, I shared the idea of personality transformation of every individual, no matter what the background of individual is I consulted lot of people, let it be senior professionals, students, housewives, colleagues, educationists, professors and teachers etc. Answer was that everyone can’t be transformed, only students who will work hard they only can be transformed and off-course answer was right. But answer which I was looking, I did not get that. For me all can be transformed when I came across DMIT ( Derma1toglaphics Multiple Intelligence Test), only we need to find out particular intelligence as everybody is genius in their own way.

I got ray of hope that DMIT may give the answers which I am looking for. So after doing various studies, I became DMIT Counsellor. After having detailed study on DMIT, I took out my first report to study about myself. This report gave me total opposite report of what I was doing. I did Electronic Engineering and MBA. Career wise I was doing great being senior positions in defence line and corporate on various verticals service, delivery, operations and sales etc.

But this report discovered my personality totally different of what I was doing. It found out that whatever I was doing, I was not meant to be same or it was not my cup of tea. I supposed to be in different profession as it was not my comfort zone. After knowing this I was clueless and wondered what I do now. Report showed my born intelligences, that I got poor logic intelligence , I am poor in recollection of things, calculations, engineering and accounts are not my cup of tea. I was shocked after knowing all this.

But this also showed my strengths that I am good in linguistic intelligence, emotion quotient is high, good manager, great social person, sports person and high imagination etc.

If I would have worked on my born intelligences right from childhood, I would have performed 10 times better of what I am now. I got the answer when I start recollecting when I got failed in mathematics 02 times in my school studies and belief was put that students qualifying math and science are only genius, rest all are normal students. My parents also thought same. Unfortunately, this belief was wrong and if I would have put such high efforts on other subjects, I would have achieved much higher position.

With self- experiment, I discovered and realised myself that I was going on wrong direction and resigned my job from senior position as Vice President. Then I started my journey to look for answer to transform every personality with their born intelligences. During various studies on different generation
tions, I got fully convinced that everybody is genius in their own way, if it is
found. We all are different personalities and can’t match with each other. What I can do, you can’t and what you can do, I can’t. So when child takes birth, he or she comes in this world with born intelligences and we can find Genius in them.

From this word “Genius” (everyone is Genius on their own way, if born intelligences are found) ice breaking happened and we were three friends/buddies, used to call ourselves as “Gems”. From these two words Genius and Gems evolution of “Genius Gems” happened.

“Hence Genius Gems was established with one stop solution for total Education and Training in Vashi Navi-Mumbai found by Umesh Sharma who is also Life coach, Motivational Speaker, DMIT Counsellor, Educationist and International Trainer”

Let’s understand born intelligences for example Sachin Tendulkar has natural talent. While in
Australia, he realized that he had got out many times while playing cover drive. In the next match, he scored a Double Hundred and did not play a single cover drive in it. This was possible because he had a natural talent for Cricket. Now imagine some other player who has worked really hard and acquired the skills of cricket. He may also emulate Sachin on Indian wickets. However, if circumstances change, someday you get a bouncy track in England, this player fumbles. Why? Because his acquired intelligence is incapable to handle the changed scenario that a person with born talent can.

The same applies in all fields. We push
students to opt for Engineering. They may work hard and become one, but when they step out of college they are
The same applies in all fields. We push students to opt for Engineering. They may work hard and become one, but when they step out of college they are

Thats where Genius Gems emphatically works along with all kind of students and candidates at every stage of the process.

After failing successfully that means we undergo through four cycles :

1) Do the mistake
2) Realise the mistake
3) Analyse the mistake
4) Correct the mistake.

Education is fundamental asset for humans. It enables us to explore the world through knowledge. Education is powerful weapon that aids an individual to face the adversities of life and overcome societal stigmas such as poverty, fear and status to achieve success.

We in Genius Gems based in Vashi Navi-mumbai is among the leading institutes in the country, offering academic courses with training for personality and communication skills development, interpersonal skill development, soft skill development, and more.

In today’s world of global communication and cross-cultural corporate, business and personal interactions, it is essential for every individual to have impeccable interpersonal communication skill and a magnetic personality. We provide all courses from Primary Education, Secondary and Higher Secondary education through our online model of teaching with home tuition and at institute.

I do believe there has to be passion which needs to be brought into trainings. We have
Transformed various lives by unique technique of motivation lectures and training.
We are firm believer that everyone has come in this world with their born intelligences and confident of enabling individuals to go beyond their limitations to realise their dreams. We put thrust on enthusiastic training with full of passion and fire. Me being People person like to connect with people and encourages participants to get the best out of them.

Being in education domain, we believe in modern education system as need of the hour, wherein we have Mastery in Motivation, leadership, Personality Development, Instructional Design, Delivering High Impact Training Programs and Measuring Transformationenvironment for learning, so as Students really enjoy their studies and motivated in such a way that they are excited to learn more and more.

Another factor wherein we need to focus that is communication skills and personality development. We should focus more on developing all-round personality and skills with education. As per my analysis students with all

round skills are more successful compared to students only good in academics.

Why should you opt for Genius Gems? The simple answer is that, we understand your requirements like no one else. Our tested and proven solution has helped numerous candidates gain success by developing and honing their life skills. In today’s world it is as much about the talent you possess as it is how you present yourself. Genius Gems understands this and thus we have developed the perfect program which will not only help you focus on your body language, language skill, soft skill, interpersonal skill, but on your lifestyle and more. We help you grow out of the shell.  Our programs take a personalized approach like none other.

Genius Gems was conceived of the idea to uplift personalities to achieve success in life, by assisting them walk that extra mile. We visualize a future where every individual will get conviction of their due share success in life. We believe in setting trend.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam said ,if you want to change country then develop leaders and  invest in youth to develop leaders. We Genius Gems also with same vision are on the journey to develop first 500 leaders in order to transform country ,as these leaders will be instrumental to create more leaders as network and transform.

Useful failure teaches you what is not working.

The sooner you accept what is not working, the sooner you can change strategy.

Success teaches you what to repeat; failure what to change.

3 positive uses of failure :

  1. Inspiration: Inspire others by flaunting the failures you have overcome. You are uninspiring if your life has been easy.
  2. Insight: You see strategies and practices that don’t work.
  3. Development: Failure identifies skill gaps and wrong beliefs.

Our motto in life is – “Live Your Passion with Burning Desire”


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