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Why Practical Knowledge is more Important?

When we steer our mind and make a step towards knowing the world and people around us, our empirical knowledge helps us to develop a mind set to act accordingly. Theoretically knowledge is just a minor base to understand the concept but practical learning tells us how to implement everything in our life.

Our journey of learnings begins from the day we are born, we slowly and gradually start to learn new habits and changing style when it is taught to us practically and at the same time the values, moral basic habits are taught to us verbally. One of the biggest institution of learning is school. It is one of the places where we learn most of the things and we start from scratch to gain knowledge. When you start learning about any particular subject theoretically it is the first place from where everyone starts, but what about in a situation where students don’t know where to apply this theoretical knowledge. That’s where Indian Education sucks in teaching the application of theoretical knowledge.


Indian Education system is mostly based on lecture and periods that are monotonous. If we see the syllabus is mostly constructed for theory only, there is very minimal scope of practical more of leverage is given to theory part.

Our Education system usually don’t do much experiments with the curriculum. Studies and researches that are earlier done is repeated regularly. There’s no scope of new invention and no repeated changes with the change in pattern. It is based on British system. They require clerk for their system so they gave clerical type of education.

 Further, the need of practical learning is also depicted through movie in 3 idiots where we can clearly see that how teachers in India pays more emphasis on remembering and writing rather than understanding and comprehension. Teachers required systematic definition in systematic way they don’t accept new way and new definition made by students.

The only fault is not only of teachers and our education system but students themselves too are somewhere responsible as mostly they take practical subjects very lightly and pay less attention to them. They just do to pass and take the job and too Indian parents are usually in habit of comparing their child with other child that they only see the percentage but do not encourage him to work practically.

Indian education system is rigid. That means changes in curriculum made after every 10 years. In between these 10 years’ world changes so vastly and rapidly but curriculum remains old. This is one of the most important reason to promote theory.

 Our politician lacks in common sense about education system. They thought education is unnecessary part because it doesn’t give revenue to them. This revenue measurement method donor allows innovation and practical experience in education.

Practical   knowledge gives you an opportunity for experience and personal learning. When you do something by yourself i. e., practical execution, you can hone your skills and widen your horizon.

Hands-on knowledge is the experience that is obtained by day-to-day working. If we say it, in other words, it can be acquired by doing things on a regular basis; it is majorly based on real-life attempts and tasks. It is helpful in achieving certain techniques that become the weapon to achieve your goals. There are certain activities which can be acknowledged only through its implementation and gaining experience.

In practical knowledge any work that is carried out by the students help them to understand and remember it for long. The actual work performed by them to clarify about the subjects or topic and that last with them for a longer duration. Every theory of education should be backed with how it can be applied in laboratories or real life because it gives an understanding of how things are relevant when we put it into use.

After reading the theory part and knowing the concept and theories personally applying them and experiencing the outcomes of it helps in experimenting and learning several things on own. Practicality leads to be an expert in a lot of respective field as more practical results in bringing out expertise knowledge for e.g. When students carry out the same task, again and again, they learn how to use concepts in applied knowledge which reflects if any mistake done by them. Rectifying the mistakes enhance their skills and make them experts.

Lectures turns out to be tedious after a certain time hands on work is a virtuous change. Sitting in a classroom for long hours every day becomes boring and monotonous and reduces the interest of students to learn and concentrate. To imply conceptual things practically retains the interest of students and brings out a positive attitude towards the classroom teachings.

It helps in being independent and boost up the confidence. Theory integrated with practical’s prepares the students for the awaiting field outside and trains them to perform best at their jobs. As things don’t turn out to be new it increases the confidence level of the students. A child’s self-learning is because of the experience of knowing the event happening and identifying them through a practical perspective. This helps them to enhance the analytical knowledge and assist them to inspect in line with the facts. Hands-on knowledge provides an insight to visualize the things before executing it.


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