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NIED EDUCATION COUNCIL : Empowering Lives Through Education-Dr. DHANRAJ

Education is beneficial when any course is done by the recognized institution/ organization. NIED EDUCATION COUNCIL is the educational development organization of combining excellence with innovation, places a high value on providing its students with a fulfilling educational experience in their closen career or discipline. It is the Leading group of Institutions working globally with the aim to develop knowledge and Skills of each and every person, and always willing to invent, innovate and renovate itself with the changing times. In continuation of its education service to the nation, NextGen India Educational Development has become a pioneer in providing the best it education & training in collaboration with state and National Government or International. Our prime goal of providing quality education to our students and the meeting the need for skilled it professionals in the country and out of India. The academic rigor propels them to acquire greater professional competence. They have also been exposed to training and real world projects.

Above all, it’s our belief in possibility and our unshakable optimism. It’s a connection to others near and far. It’s a hunger that pushes us to tackle challenges and pursue progress. It’s the conviction that together we can create a world of good. Join us on the journey and fulfill our aim and goal. My aim to educate every youth of my country with a high profile identity from every city, town, village of India. I am sure that our student will find a pathway to a bright future to a closen career or any profession they also can get enough knowledge to face any demand and challenges that an employer may have on them. I wish for their great success and bright future and hope for their better tomorrow.

“The motive behind incorporating this organization is not to make profit but to serve the society.”

It is said that – “When we wake up in the morning we have their two simple choices…. Go back to sleep and dream or chase that dreams…. Choice is yours.

With extensive experience of 16 Years in Non-Government and Educational Development Services with ultimate responsibility for the company’s performance refer to the operational and Development leader of the business, International Motivational Speaker and Social Worker Mostly in Education and Development Sector. Achieved Many Awards and Appreciations in Different Sectors with Global Level Innovative Excellence. Still working to Educate People in Sector of Industrial and Vocational Education Development and Develop Skills of Each and every person of the nation with Support of Various Government and Public Authorities. Started Life from small village of tribal community and facing to many challenge during education due to community thinking and financial problems so decided to educate every citizen of the nation specially underprivileged section of the society and now the journey of 10 Years he active in this sector socially and educating people with the vision of empowerment each and every person.

We are Working nationwide with network of 658+ Franchise Branches which are providing Industrial and vocational training and free education in behalf of state and central government  projects in 21+ states of India the corporate offices setups in East Delhi, New Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kota and Goa to cooperate with authorized study and training centers across India.

It providing quality education without any cost to the unprivileged and underprivileged section of the society to educate technically and vocationally with the industry and market friendly course contents, and making them self-depend and empowered students, women, physically challenged, youths as present scenario.

Nied Education Council Incorporated to provide and promote all kind of education in India by way of various courses which are relevant to the current time through qualified, experienced teachers and professionals enable the student, to become self-dependent, and which are job oriented. Also providing vocational training like computer, medical and health, fire and safety, teachers training, skill development, yoga, sports, cutting-tailoring, beauty and wellness, paintings, stitching, embroidery, management, agriculture, solar-energy, house interior, industrial, technical/ non-technical, industrial, vocational, agricultural & community development programs etc. and establish, manage, maintain, take over and run educational, vocational and technical institutions in India. And working to grant scholarship or provide financial aid to poor / meritorious students in the field of education and undertake other allied educational activity and organized promotional events related to the education. Providing free education to the needy people and award appropriate certificates or diplomas in respect of educational, vocational or technical training courses administered and carried out by the Company education. Under the banner of Nied Education Council we organize meeting, seminars and conferences, publish pamphlets, statistics, periodicals, books and other publications and circulate them and organize other activities for the furtherance of any of the objects.

It solves problems in sector of empowerment, development, social, legal and technical educational guidance as per global education policy.

USP – We offers franchise to existing study and training centers they providing education and training in rural-urban areas to engage for programs offered by Nied Education Council and government education projects.

Future prospect – Our Vision is always to provide best services to the students and help our students succeeding in their studies and future career and to become the leading educational consultant in India for students aspiring for Bachelors/ Masters/ Phd/ Post Doctorate programs. We will be a leader in the integration of teaching and learning, advancement of the knowledge base through research, and leadership in service and outreach. Further, we will be a leader in preparing professionals who provide leadership and exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives of individuals in a changing and complex global society.

I Dr. DHANRAJ, started my life started Life from small village of tribal community and facing to many challenge during education due to community thinking and financial problems. The major problems I faced as school education was not good because in village and around 10kms area there was no high school and his all primary classmates left the education and started working as labour in farms but he continue with education as pedestrian to go school and in the way cross two rivers by swim with books. After completing high school work hard in farms to earn some money to purchase study material for poor students because their parents was not able afford school fees and material expenses for those students. And decided to educate every citizen of the nation especially underprivileged section of the society and now the journey of 10 Years I am active in this sector socially and educating people with the vision of empowerment of the

Nation and worldwide. I have launched the organization in 2012 Nationally and also started working with various departments and NGO’s

My inspiration is my parents they always give me time positive energy to do something different that can provide me challenging and winning platform and also I have read 3400+ books of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda, Gauttam Budda  the all inspired me to be helping for society. As I am the part of tribal community and saw very closed the struggle and life style of slums, illiteracy, uneducated and unemployed people, they always fighting with life to live and I want to be a part of inspiration/ example for those people for rise a lamplight in their life, So that faced problems and challenges at every step to educate and serve people because. Every problem and challenge teaches me to do different and stronger planning before started every task. As every business required we always need the useful things and essentials like a good and hardworking team, funds as needed, And also in this work experienced faculty and trainer, good and repetitive platforms, organizations and companies tie-ups  to provide good employment after complete the training to students, that is much difficult to find in present time.

I thinks that people they working to serve the society and educate people are always with better opportunity to presence as mentor of the society and self-development. It’s also the source to flow positive energy in every section of society to working for humanities and social awareness by the education and development profession. I also analyze many more opportunities in social and education sector always with me.

A system that is made by me in this sector is always makes me and this service unique, I always work in my discipline and searching works something challenging after scrutiny of any project I have good communication skills to present it in front of people. 

I learned from the entrepreneurship that nothing is impossible in this universe but we have to find the problem issue and think about how can be solved and what plan we have for that and dream the profession/ occupation that make it easier, with a stronger plan it can be achieved as we wish. 

I want to share my own experience to all starting up or budding/aspiring entrepreneurs that they should have to follow these as well as I always remember it. When you Opening your own business is often a learn-as-you-go process. But, the more smart decisions you make early on, the better chance your company has for success. If you have an entrepreneurial idea, try these.

  1. Address excuses
    • Absorb everything
    • Be a solution
    • Keep it simple
    • Count the costs
    • Imagine yourself with zero money
    • Earn while you build
    • Speak up about your business
    • Know the legal requirements for starting a business
    • Balance passion with wisdom

After the startup you should have to work hard, make punctual systems, disciplined management, strategy to evaluation and achievement, powerful plantings, cost effectiveness, efficiency, positive energy, study about the work and processes to do it.    


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